• I promised you some feedback on the products as I know I was skeptical when I saw you at the International Dirt bike Show. I have had chance to try the Q10 and Q20 on my MTX bikes in various ways over the last few weeks. I found the q10 to be SIMPLY AMAZING at undoing the most hardened nuts and bolts on bikes. It is always hard to say how other products would of performed in the same circumstances but in my opinion I have been stripping MTX since an early age and that product just performs every time That fancy nozzle thing with the can working upside down is super handy in tight spots. The Q20 multi lube spray is great for cleaning actually, I have used it on the swing arm, frame and plastics. I have not had need to test the under water element although I am tempted to see if i can find a way to get a trials bike to run under water, I have some mates who think it will make a wicked vid. Other than that we now use it instead of XXXX that we were using before. I wish I had got more product from you now before I came out to California with the bikes.


  • I have been using Q20 oil during 2012 race season and it has been the best sprays we have used from after washing bikes to protecting metal work during tough racing conditions. I would recommend the use of Q20 oil for quality and value and to protect your pride and joy!


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